Future of Logistics

How can peer-to-peer networks help facilitate the delivery of goods from place to place? 


Our brief, from a major European car manufacturer, sought to uncover possible peer-to-peer logistics services for the near future. 

Our research uncovered a core insight, that shared culture—whether it be through heritage or profession—helps create trust, and provides expertise and resources for moving goods.

Our solution draws on the power of shared culture to build the trust that’s needed in order to ship goods with strangers. Cricket is a new service that meets users “where they live”— in messaging applications—to facilitate the movement of goods through an AI-enabled conversational interface.

Cricket fields delivery requests via messaging applications and connects shippers with drivers going in the same direction. Check out the video to get a feel for how Cricket could work:


Tags: P2P mobility, conversational AI, chat bots, anticipatory design, collaborative economy, service design

Roles: Design research, insights, experience strategy, concept development, guerrilla testing 

Partners: Ustwo, Volkswagen

Service Prototype and User Journeys

See the full research and design report on Cricket below (if it doesn't immediately display, please try refreshing the page ⌘ R). You can also download it here:

User research, trends mapping, insight generation, ideation, conceptual paper prototypes:

Our process:


Team: Mira Bordoloi, Michael Holland, Mathilde Dongala, Katie Shelly