Curious and energetic cultural creative inspired by natural, nomadic systems


Monica Mira Bordoloi

Hi! I'm a user experience researcher, strategist and service designer currently pursuing my masters in Experience Design in a joint program between Swedish creative business school Hyper Island and Teesside University in Manchester, UK. I believe the best technology amplifies our humanity, and I'm especially excited about bridging physical and digital experiences. For my thesis, I'm tinkering around with the Time Well Spent movement, exploring how technology ethics and behavioral design can empower human attention rather than siphon it. If you're a design philosopher, behavioral economist, cognitive psychologist (how did you get here?) or plain interested, I'd love to talk with you. 

Throughout my 10 years in design and technology, I have observed how thousands of people—in the field, face-to-face, and online—-engage with technology, and it never ceases to fascinate me. In a given eight-hour period, I have worked with children, the elderly, the hearing, visually and cognitively impaired, creative professionals, people with learning disabilities, business owners, and celebrities. I have always worked close to users— it is where I get my inspiration, insights and energy. For more on my current and past lives, here's my resume. It's been a wild ride.

The surest way to provoke the imagination … is to seek out environments you have no experience with. … Novel experiences are so effective at unleashing the imagination because they force the perceptual system out of categorization, the tendency of the brain to take shortcuts.
— Gregory Berns